How to give access rights to your land

To give access rights to your land, add the person in your group (Land > Info, Members).

Give them the rank :
-1 BANNED           : banned from land.
 0 VISITOR          : visitor without rights.
 1 RESIDENT         : can create objects on your land and directly teleport to it.
 2 MEMBER MANAGER   : can add or remove group members and assign ranks not higher than herself.
 3 SECURITY OFFICER : can bann from land.
 4 SENIOR BUILDER   : can move, modify, delete other people's objects.
 5 DOMAIN MANAGER   : can modify group name, description, teleportation arrival, visibility of land in search.
 6 LAND OWNER       : full rights on the land.
You should give rank RESIDENT to new members, or SENIOR BUILDER if you want them to help you build.

When you build an object and you want the SENIOR BUILDER members of your group to have access to it, you must give the BUILDER : MODIFY yes and TAKE yes rights to your object.