Reserve land and build in 3D

Fly on unoccupied land (it is marked "unowned land" on the bar above).
Right-click on the land and choose the menu LAND > INFO

Click on Rent For 1 Day

Choose domain NEW and click PAY

The ground is then automatically erased because at the beginning your land is completely empty.
So you're gonna have to at least create a ground to start walking.

To do this, click on menu OBJECT > NEW

Give a name to your object (mon objet).
Then choose the menu "Position".

To make sure your ground is in the middle of your land, enter the value 32.768 for X and Y.

Then choose the menu "Meshes".

Click on the "Add" button to display a line "1 1"

Click on the line "1 1" and click on the EDIT button

Now you are in the Mesh editor to build an object.
Choose the menu CUBE.

Click on the ground with the mouse to make a cube appear.

Choose the STRETCH menu to stretch your cube.
Select the RESIZE suboption.
Click on a corner of the cube, arrows appear then and you can stretch it.
Click again on the corner of the cube to release.

Click on the white square in the editor and choose a texture.
Choose the SET_TEXTURE menu and click on the small pyramid in the center of your cube to change its texture.
Click the CLOSE button to save your cube.

When the mesh editor is closed your cube really exists,
other chatters can see it and you can walk on it.
Well done !

Build other mesh objects just as easily !

When an object is finished, you can lock it to avoid damaging it per accident during your future building. For this, select the option Locked. You will have to unlock it first to be able to modify it.

Attention you rented the land only for 24 hours. It will disappear afterwards.
To extend (up to 99 days), go to the LAND / INFO menu and option RENT.