How to import 3D objects

You go to a website that offers free 3D objects, for example or or or

Look for some, for example here I searched for a hat.

Download the 3D object in COLLADA format (with.dae at the end) to your PC.

If the object is not in COLLADA format, you can convert it to COLLADA for example :

On Planet, click OBJECT > NEW

Type an object name, go to the TOOLS tab and click on IMPORT COLLADA.

you may have an error message when importing, often because the object has too many triangles or that the terrain where you are importing has no more space.

And here's your hat!
All you have to do is apply a texture and resize it with STRETCH option 3dim.

If your object consists of several meshes, you should link it (mode LINK, option LINK ALL VOLUMES) in order to be able to resize all the parts at the same time.