How to create rigged mesh clothes

We will assume that you know how to create 3D mesh objects, see the chapters "how to build". "rigged mesh" is used to create 3D objects that adapt to your avatar.

For example, you can create a shirt, a belt, a bikini, a skirt : if you resize your arms, if you increase your waist size, your clothes will adapt automatically. If your avatar raises his arms, your shirt will bend, if you walk your skirt will follow the movements, it's magic !

But first a warning: creating rigged mesh clothes is the most complicated thing in 3D! This is not something for beginners. If you think it's very, very hard, it's normal. It takes a lot of patience.

So how do we do it ? At the beginning, the easiest way is to start from a mesh object imported from a site (see chapter to import), or from a model of your avatar (you will find models of Ruth - female avatar - and Roth - male avatar - in your inventory in the "Library" folder).

Go on empty ground because you will need space, and pull the object of your inventory on the ground with the mouse. Then build as usual with the menu OBJECT > EDIT MESH to change it.

To link the mesh to your avatar, go to RIGGING mode and choose one of 2 options.

a) flexible
A click on your object in flexible mode will link the object to all bones of your avatar. It will deform and bend to follow the movements of your avatar. It's great for a skirt, pants, shirt, shoes. While you edit it these distortions can hinder, so uncheck 'Play Animations' to keep your avatar in neutral position. Each time after changing the object, go in RIGGING mode and click on the object to update the links, then check "Play Animations" again.

b) rigid
click on your object in rigid mode and it will bind to only 1 bone of your avatar, the one where you click! So the object will not deform but follow a bone of your avatar. It's ideal for a hat or a bracelet.

c) unbind from avatar
allows you to detach the object from your avatar so it becomes a normal object again.

When you build a skirt, you will notice a scissor effect: the dress behaves like pants and folds between the legs when you walk. To reduce this effect, go to WEIGHTS mode and click on all the triangles at the folding points, this will make the movements more flexible.

In MOVE mode you will notice that each point of the model (if you click on it), is attached to 1 to 4 bones of your avatar's skeleton. This is how the point moves like your avatar. Each fastener has a weight, and the total of the weights for a point is always equal to 1. Do not modify these fasteners. What you can do is:
Save your garment by closing the editor. Then take a copy in your inventory. To carry it with you, click on the line in the inventory and select the WEAR menu. To change the avatar settings (nails, heels), click on the line of the object in the inventory and choose the PROPERTIES menu.