How to draw clothes

Head, upper and lower

Save these 3 models on your PC.
With Photoshop, draw your clothes on the images.
Fill hands and skin with a transparent color.
Save in PNG format (because JPG does not support transparency)

nails, toes, toes for high heel shoes

You will find other realizations here

How to dress with the textures ?

Right-click on the floor and choose the menu "My Inventory"
Your inventory appears on the right.
Click the IMPORT button and import the PNG file.

Click [+]Inventory to open the tree, then [+]Textures to open the Textures folder.
Your PNG image must be there.
Right-click on your image and choose the "Properties" menu.
In Properties, check 'For wearing', choose Body Part : Chest, Layer : Clothes.
Click OK to close.

Right-click on your texture and choose the menu "WEAR".