Here is how to solve the different problems you may have when installing Planet Samuro.

Problem 1 : your antivirus software gives an alert

Do not panic, it is common for Planet Samuro to generate false alerts on commercial antivirus software. We only guarantee that no alerts are generated on Windows Defender, the basic antivirus that comes with Windows. If you have installed other antivirus software, you should temporarily disable it during installation, then place the Planet folder in the exceptions before re-enabling it.

Problem 2 : error : Planet is not compatible with your PC

Planet is 64-bit software that will not run on 32-bit Windows.
But for the time being, as there are still many old PCs out there, we offer you Planet for 32-bit at this link.

Problem 3 : a Blue screen

Problem 4 : a warning when downloading

Problem 5: Your PC is in Mode S

Windows S Mode is a mode where only applications from the Windows Store can be installed and run. If you want to install applications from outside the Microsoft Store, you can get out of it very easily.