How to sell objects

To sell objects in your shop you have 2 options :

Method 1: Place the object for sale on your land, click on it, Access menu, and check the option BUY TO YES.

Visitors can click on your object and choose the menu OBJECT > BUY to take it.

The disadvantage of this method is that your land will be filled up quickly, especially for clothing.

Method 2 : create a small flat cube with a photo of your object, then with the mouse, drag your object(s), textures, animations, or sounds for sale in the cube's Scripts folder, and finally add this little script to the cube :
// giver
event touch()
  string(32) name;
  clear name;
  for (;;)
    name = item_name (previous_name => name);
    if (name == "")
    if (item_type (name) != "SCR")
      give_inventory (item_name => name);
      say ("gives " + name);

When a visitor clicks on the cube he will receive the entire contents of the Script folder in his inventory (except the script itself).