Planet Server

If you have a Windows PC running 24 hours a day or a dedicated server, you can host your own planet and invite your friends to connect to it and build in 3D.

The Planet server software supports a maximum of 1000 chatters and requires several GB of hard disk space to store 3D creations. At the first start it creates a large planet with 90% oceans and 10% empty building land composed of islands of random position and size. While it is daylight on one side of the planet it is night on the other side. It takes 20 minutes to fly around it.

  1. Download the software planet_server.exe here

  2. Unzip it, create a new directory on your PC and copy it into it, start it.

  3. You can connect to it using planet://

  4. Open the UDP port 13000 on your router and firewall so that your friends can connect to the server with your IP.

  5. Rent a DNS name from an internet provider for your server, for example: ""

  6. You can then post "planet links" such as :

    planet:// : will start Planet and teleport to the arrival site of your server.

    planet:// : will start Planet and teleport to the land of domain 17.

    <a href=planet://> Join me on my Planet Place </a>

    For this to work, you must of course install the Planet software.

  7. Every night at 5AM the server will create a backup file "planet_server_database.db.BACKUP". Take regularly a copy of this file to save the 3D work of your friends. You can specify a folder where the server will create the file by providing the following configuration file :
    # planet_server.ini
    backup_folder = e:/backup/